Complete communication for everyone

Regardless of functionality!

Regardless of whether you need to call privately or on duty, our TM solutions are here to make your everyday life easier.

T-Meeting’s TM product series is an alternative telephony solution that opens up the entire performance spectrum for modern distance communication and meets all requirements for professional as well as private communication. In addition to high-quality HD video and the possibility of visual adaptation (optional color/size of text, etc.), it is possible to chat in real time with the other party during the video call. This enables you to combine video and text in the conversation, which in many cases can simplify communication. Real-time chat means that the other party sees what you write, letter by letter.

TM’s product family consists of solutions for mobile phones, tablets, PCs and MAC computers. Each TM product is a separate product for each operating system and has different product names, but has similar features to each other (see the different products further down the page). The product family is a class I medical device for people with disabilities and complies with Regulation (EU) 2017/745 – MDR.

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Important benefits

Simple and easy-to-understand design

TM products are designed in collaboration with its users. Ease of use is the focus and therefore they are equipped with extra loud and clear sound, clear buttons and high visual contrast with customizable background.

Access to community services

The TM products are designed according to the Totalconversation standard and can use today’s mediation services for video telephony and text telephony. Analogue text telephony is also possible. 

Send your position

Send your GPS position to the person you are talking to with the push of a button (the function is available in the app for mobile and tablet).

Videophone for sign language users

Video, or video phone calls as many call it, also allows you to communicate in sign language with others who have video phones or call interpretation services.

Text phone

The TM products can be transformed into a sophisticated text phone through a simple setup.

Push makes you always reachable

TM-Push causes your mobile phone/tablet or computer to ring regardless of whether the app is running or not. You can also safely choose not to be reachable with the do not disturb function. When “Do Not Disturb” is automatically turned off, you are automatically reachable. This provides security and equality because it gives the deaf, hearing-impaired, speech-impaired and deaf-blind the same level of accessibility as hearing people have with ordinary telephony.

Auto answer/voicemail

All TM products have autoresponders. This means that you can see if you have received a missed call and press the automatic answer afterwards. The functionality is built into the TM software, which means that no subscription from a server-based service is needed.