Nordevia Media Production

What we shoot

Nordevia, situated in Malmö, is a TV media enterprise that pushes the boundaries of visual narration. Our group holds a firm belief in the potential of video to convey impactful narratives that breathe life into our clients’ visions. With a team of diverse talents, access to cutting-edge filming technology, and a wealth of experience spanning years, we possess the means to craft compelling and pioneering content. At Nordevia, our aim is to surpass established industry norms and go beyond the expectations of our clients. Each undertaking, from initial concept to final execution, transforms into an enduring partnership that imbues our work with a profound sense of fulfillment.

Film Production

We are attentive, flexible, and innovative. Nordevia stands as a production agency with a distinct expertise in crafting documentary content. Established in Malmö in 2019, our mission centers on developing content that resonates with individuals, culture, and lifestyle. At Nordevia, we operate as a comprehensive video production company. Our specialization lies in character-centered, narrative-driven documentaries that enable our clients to convey essential messages through captivating and essential viewing experiences.
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3D Virtual Tours

Introducing the Leading 3D Evolution: 3D virtual tour. We are thrilled to present the latest breakthrough in 3D Capture! The Pro-3 represents the pinnacle of 3D Cameras — providing exquisite, lifelike visuals paired with astonishingly high-resolution 3D imagery. Revolutionizing 3D Tours by seamlessly blending interior and exterior spaces. Encompassing a 100-Meter Range to capture expansive ceilings and vast open areas. Elevated 3D Quality for an enriched visual experience. Enhanced Architectural Assets of superior quality for CAD, Insurance, and BIM applications.
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