A complete video communication solution


TM-PC is designed to work as a user terminal on video conferences – either with TM-PC Pro with all the rich T-Meeting features and functions, or ordinary video conferences.

It is designed for Windows 7 or later, and needs Wi-Fi and a data connection. We recommend the use of the free video player, VLC, in preference to Windows Media Player. You can download it here: www.videolan.org/vlc/

TM-PC is a complete video communication solution for end users and includes real-time chat. It has embedded features specially designed for sign language users, features for visually impaired individuals and for regular video conferences with great audio and video quality.

As a total communication solution, the TM-PC handles all types of media communication for video, audio and real-time text chat and other features.

In crystal clear audio and video quality (CIF, VGA and HD up to 30 fps).

Real-time text chat with embedded audio, video and multi-format messaging has both SIP based real-time chat support and ITU-T T.140/IETF RFC 4103 support with automatic adaptation by T-Meeting’s “GREAT” protocol (very helpful when your counterpart supports only one of those standards).

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TM-PC allows you to use personal automatic video messages to greet incoming calls. The caller, met by your greeting, can leave a private video message or a message in any communication format. Using this feature does not require a separate server-based video-answer solution.

TM-PC allows you to join multi-party conferences within TM-PC PRO.

TM-PC can communicate with approved SIP-based video communication clients as well as high-end SIP based video-conference clients from eg Cisco and Polycom.

TM-PC offers unparalleled ease of use with the proven and consistent ergonomic layout of our product portfolio.

TM-PC can, by a simple setting, be used instead as a sophisticated text-telephone.

TM-PC users can initiate or receive calls from all SIP-based video solutions, audio calls from cellphones or fixed lines, when using a T-Meeting platform or other platforms that support calls to and from PSTN lines.